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A 6x4 photo in landscape mode.

It doesn't! The picture you see in the face of the PixPad is a normal 6x4 photo.  The tablet, phone, or book sits on the front of the PixPad, resting in the lip and leaning against the picture frame.  There is no need to connect the tablet to the PixPad.

Not that we have found.  The 1 inch wide lip was sized to fit most tablets and phones. Even if your case is wider, the friction on the base and the lip have held every tablet/phone/cover combination we have ever tried.

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The PixPad is made of wood.

There is a soft pad on each of the bottom four corners of the PixPad to protect your table top.

The PixPad has four adjustable positions. We wanted the #1 position (the most upright) to be as vertical as possible to make it comfortable to watch video while lying down. Having the leg fold up gives us the steepest possible angle in the #1 position.

Brian, the Founder and President, served aboard USS SSBN 631, the USS Ulysses S. Grant Submarine.

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